Classification and Characterization of Patients Treated With Efalizumab for Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis disease classification, Plakk Psoriasis differenciáldiagnózis

Classification and Characterization of Patients Treated With Efalizumab for Plaque Psoriasis

Rheumatoid arthritis. Lancet ; — Chronic diseases and health promotion. Chronic rheumatic conditions. Overview of work disability in rheumatoid arthritis patients as observed in cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys. Arthritis Rheum. The growing burden of chronic disease in America.

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Public Health Rep. Incidence and prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis, based on the American College of Rheumatology criteria: a systematic review. Semin Arthritis Rheum. Prevalence and clinical characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis in Poland: a nationwide study.

Plaque psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition. It appears on the skin in patches of thick, red, scaly skin. Plakkos psoriasis.

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Rheumatology Oxford ; — Direct and indirect healthcare costs of rheumatoid arthritis patients in Turkey. Clin Exp Rheumatol.

Real world, big data cost of pharmaceutical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in Greece. Value Health Reg Issues ; 7: 27— Utilization indicators of balneotherapy in Hungary. Changes in the health status of the population of Central and Eastern European countries between and Multicriteria decision analysis in the reimbursement of new medical technologies: real-world experiences from Hungary.

Value Health ; — Financial deficits in the health services of the UK and Hungary.

Psoriasis and beyond: targeting the IL-17 pathway

Health insurance pharmaceutical expenditures in Hungary. Financing of health care services in Hungary.

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Ten years of biological therapeutic management of patients with arthritis in Hungary. Epidemiological disease burden of rheumatoid arthritis based on routinely collected health insurance claims data.

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Value Health ; 23 Suppl 1 : S—S Annual health insurance treatment cost of rheumatoid arthritis based on routinely collected financing data. Value Health ; 23 Suppl 1 : S Med Sci Monit. Biological therapy in inflammatory rheumatic diseases: issues in Central and Eastern European countries.

Prevalence, incidence and therapy of rheumatoid arthritis in Hungary. Rheumatology in the light of numbers.

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Prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in the South-Transdanubian region of Hungary based on a representative survey of 10, inhabitants. Costs of rheumatoid arthritis in Hungary. Impact of disease progression on health status, quality of life and costs in rheumatoid arthritis in Hungary.

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Cost-of-illness of patients with systemic sclerosis in a tertiary care centre. Disease burden of psoriatic arthritis compared to rheumatoid arthritis, Hungarian experiment.

Cost-of-illness in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis: a cross-sectional survey in Hungarian dermatological centres. Annual health insurance disease burden of psoriasis in Hungary.

Plakk Psoriasis differenciáldiagnózis

Disease burden of psoriasis associated with psoriatic arthritis in Hungary. A systematic review of guidelines for managing rheumatoid arthritis.

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BMC Rheumatol. Development of an indicator system for evaluating the quality of health care services. Using administrative data for quality indicators of AMI hospital care in Hungary.

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Value Health ; A—A Health-economic analysis of diseases related to disturbed neonatal adaptation: a cost of illness study.