Contact dermatitis causes


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    Összes megtekintése Rear view of a woman with bruises from massage treatment. Skin rash on female arm, itchy pimples as a result of an allergic reaction, response, concept of allergy and dermatology.

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    Permanent wound. Healthcare and beauty concept.

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    Using cotton swab to clean Pyogenic granuloma or Infected wound Fester at the knee Back of knees with Atopic eczema causes areas of skin to become itchy, dry, cracked, sore and red. Raised red bumps and blisters caused by shingles on skin.

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    Psoriasis: the area of the patient's lower leg affected by psoriasis Close up of spots and scar skin on leg Tinea Corporis or fungal skin infection in upper limb especially at cubital fossa area in Southeast Asian, Burmese, elderly woman.

    Close up photo of cherry angioma on human skin Young boy has Chronic rash on skin. Grass allergic skin disease.

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    Contact dermatitis causes dermatitis. Age spot skin Multiple ill-define erythematous itchy papule with vesicles on top in case severe insects bite allergy.

    Scar on leg.

    Health care concept drop of blood on the incised wound on the palm of your hand.